QuitNow-NH: Tobacco Helpline Marketing

Goals: 1) To prevent initiation of tobacco use among young people; 2) to eliminate nonsmokers’ exposure to secondhand smoke; 3) to promote smoking cessation among adults and young people; and 4) to identify and eliminate tobacco-related disparities.

Overview: JSI has collaborated with New Hampshire’s Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program since the state began receiving funds through the tobacco Master Settlement Agreement. For 15 years, JSI oversaw quitline operations, coalition development, professional/provider and public awareness and education, digital and traditional media production, data collection, and evaluation. JSI also developed a text messages program for QuitNow-NH, as well as media, marketing and branding services. Additionally, JSI operated the NH Tobacco Helpline (now QuitNow-NH) and its provider portal (QuitWorks-NH) for more than a decade with the state health departments in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, a coordinated tri-state approach.

With the NH Division of Public Health Services, JSI created Dear Me New Hampshire, a social marketing campaign designed to increase quit attempts among unemployed and lower wage-earning adults (ages 18-55) who use tobacco products. This multi-media campaign adopted and expanded Dear Me Washington elements and challenged New Hampshire residents to make videos writing Dear Me letters to themselves about why they wanted to quit using tobacco. Two videos were selected to be professionally developed into television, radio, web, and out-of-home commercials.

http://quitnownh.org/ and http://quitworksnh.org

Results of the Dear Me New Hampshire Campaign:

  • The Helpline saw an overall increase in call volume of 60.5%.
  • Callers were more likely to attempt quitting than previous callers during the comparison period (83% vs. 79%).
  • Individuals using nicotine replacement therapy had a higher rate of quit attempts than callers during the comparison period (85% vs. 77%).
  • In general, 88% of quitters surveyed were satisfied with the Quitline staff and counseling they received. They also felt that the Quitline staff increased their motivation to stop using tobacco (85%) and that the Quitline met their quitting needs (79%).
  • If needed, 91% said they would contact the Quitline again, and 96% said they would recommend it to a friend. 29% of those surveyed were able to quit for at least 30 days after speaking with the Helpline.
  • 19% of those surveyed are currently not smoking at all.
  • The Dear Me New Hampshire campaign received a Bronze Medal Award in the 2015 NPHIC Berreth Awards for Excellence in Public Health Communication.

Dates: 2002–current

Tags: Materials Development, Media Planning & Purchasing, General Media & Communications Services

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