Access, Care, and Engagement TA Center

Goal: To help Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program recipients and subrecipients support their clients, especially people of color, to enroll in health coverage.

Overview: JSI developed a series of consumer materials to translate complex information about health insurance into plain language for Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program clients. We created multiple print guides and a series of 10 posters displaying key messages about engagement, enrollment, and renewals. We also scripted, shot, and edited the “Covered” video series, which is four videos about key insurance terms, what’s covered by insurance, where to go for different types of health care, and how to get financial help for insurance. JSI also translated materials to English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole. In addition to consumer materials, the ACE TA Center also has tools and resources for case managers, enrollment assisters new to working with people living with HIV, and clinicians.

Dates: 2013–current

Tags: Branding, Visual Design, Materials Development, Communication Planning, Health Literacy, Video Production

Make the complex simple. Get your message across.

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